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The Big Game
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Happy Tree Fri...
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Alien Attack
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Ski Run
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Alien Attack

Eliminate all alien ships at all cost

| Giocato: 296

This is a real classic, simple and addictive. Just help the frog to cros...

| Giocato: 183
Alien Cave

try to naigate your ship for as long as possible

| Giocato: 194
Bell Boys

Help the bell boy to deliver their orders to the right floor by controli...

| Giocato: 172
Hybrid Fighter

Pilot the hybrid fighter defeding against alien invasion

| Giocato: 182
Giochi per ragazze

Your mission is to rescue 118 russion marines from the sunken submarine ...

| Giocato: 214
Bomb Jack

Collect bombs and coins and avoid contacts with monsters

| Giocato: 186
German Air Force

Drop bomb against the allies countries

| Giocato: 186
Amazing Golf Pro

Another mini golf with qeird control

| Giocato: 184
Micro Life

Help the Micro to get food and grow up

| Giocato: 170
The Big Game

Get your TV to work so that you can watch the big game in this graphical...

| Giocato: 1 952

15 diamonds are hidden in the dungeons. Find them.

| Giocato: 172
Tactics Core

It is 7 versus 6 in this tactical board game of superheroes and their su...

| Giocato: 195
Magic Balls

This game is similar to Bust-A-Move but it is much tougher to beat

| Giocato: 222
Sonic Heroes Puzzle

Stack blocks and clear them with a corresponding character block. Earn b...

| Giocato: 250
Miniclip Rally

Race around as either the Monkey (from Monkey Lander), Zed, or 3 Foot Ni...

| Giocato: 169

Solo Car racing game

| Giocato: 156
Motocross Champions

Handle the bike and perform stunt over the track

| Giocato: 164
Pedestrian Killer

Hit as many pedestrians as possible

| Giocato: 154
De Grote Samsamrace

Ride on your bicycle, avoid all the obstacles along the path

| Giocato: 161
Shoot The Gatso

Shoot the speed camera

| Giocato: 225
Alien Final Terminator

Protect Earth by shooting missiles at the invading aliens!

| Giocato: 225
maus Force Attack

An aircraft shooting game with nice graphic and sound!

| Giocato: 188
Animal Hunter

Hunting rabbit, birds, etc in the jungle.

| Giocato: 168
Zombie Killer 2072 AD

Kill the disgusting zombies - each take multiple shots to dispose off

| Giocato: 161
Euro Headers 2004

Pick a soccer player in this soccer game

| Giocato: 165
Sekonda Ice Hockey

Play ice hockey at the Skonda Arena

| Giocato: 138
Squirrel Golf II

There is no golf ball in this golf game. A squirrel is use instead!

| Giocato: 159
Ah Sau

Roller game - time your button to get high score

| Giocato: 230
Spooky Hoops

Avoid the skeletons and collect the pumpkins so you can make a basket

| Giocato: 156